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What's a 'Sanctuary City' Anyway?

The designation of "Sanctuary" is normally given to municipalities that have adopted a Separation Ordinance which separates the communication between the city and the United States Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies with respect to the enforcement of civil immigration laws. What this means is that all employees of cities with a Separation Ordinance, including local police, cannot inquire for immigration status when interacting with local residents and visitors of those cities. In general, the language of the Separation Ordinances currently adopted in Minnesota is very similar, but there are some variations. We are currently working in coalition to strengthen the language of the Minneapolis Separation Ordinance.

What we're up to

Mesa Latina is currently partnering with officials and communities in different cities to explore opportunities to protect immigrant families by facilitating conversations around Sanctuary Cities and how an ideal city could look like. Some of the information we have gathered from government officials and community members about an ideal city includes:

  • A Separation Ordinance that prohibits cooperation between local police and federal immigration enforcement agencies.
  • A City Council that constantly interacts with community members.
  • Free local college tuition for immigrants and refugees, as well as other underresourced communities.
  • A Municipal ID that allows local residents to attain decent housing and for other purposes.
  • Equity vs. Equality when thinking about benefits and resources.
  • Better housing opportunities.
  • $15/hr minimum wage for city residents.
For more information and to join our efforts, contact:

Francisco Segovia
3702 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406

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